Yoav Pasovsky,


Developing an entire Product Lifecycle

I love taking an idea from concept to realization. When we started developing our most recent iOS app, we wanted to give people access to a selection of great English learning content from around the digital universe. We started with research into best models of content presentation, working closely with Product and Design, then moved to technical implementation, and constantly talked to users to improve the product until it was released.

Work Smart

Our entire team is super motivated and determined. Still, we remember that long term success comes from working smart, not just working “hard”. This means we have to take care of ourselves. Not focused? meditate, read a book. Tired? go for a walk, nap in the nap room.

“At OKpanda we create a foundation for learning that is highly personalized and intimate. Our tools make teachers better and help students learn the English that’s relevant to them, rather than generic textbook content.”Yoav


Yoav is passionate about creating tools that benefit people everywhere. As part of that he built the core of OKpanda’s onboarding flows and key animations. Yoav also composes and wrote the music for key OKpanda sequences.

“Despite 6 years of English in school, only by consuming real life content was I able to communicate in everyday situations.”Yoav

Meet The Team

Adam Gries
CEO and founder

Michiaki Fukui
Art director

Max Fridman
Quality Assurance