Language Coaching

Cutting-edge teaching tools in the hands of the best native speaking English teachers

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A Recipe For Success

First, we understand the student’s exact learning goals and knowledge gaps. Then, we connect them with teachers uniquely suited to their needs. Next, come study materials constantly adjusted to ensure maximal efficiency in how they learn. Lastly, we tie it all together using the tools and technology we’ve spent years building to ensure results.

Study Plan

We connect specially trained teachers with students to create a personalized study plan. Students always know how to achieve results.

Hiring Process

OKpanda evaluates applicants rigorously and hires only the top 1%. Among our teachers there are experts in Business, Aviation, Medicine, and more.


After they are hired, OKpanda teachers are thoroughly trained on a variety of teacher tools and personalization technologies so they can deliver the ultimate lessons.

Whenever, Wherever

Lessons are taught online, 24/7. We fit into your schedule, not the other way around.

Meet some of our teachers

Years teaching English: 5
B.A in Commerce with specializations in Marketing and International Business

Years teaching English: 3
B.A in Commerce, focus on business English

Years teaching English: 20
Professor of Linguistics (Ph.D.). Author of multiple books on Business English.

Years teaching English: 4
5 years of customer support at global manufacturing company

Years teaching English: 13
Master’s in ESL

Years teaching English: 10
Focus on business English

Years teaching English: 10
Oxford TRINITY qualified English language trainer

Years teaching English: 8
Focus on business English