Building the Best Experience for Language Learners


One common thing we hear from students who failed to learn a language is self-blame. “I believe the pedagogy works but I didn’t stick with it” and “I have poor discipline” are often heard. The irony is that nobody blames the products for being boring. We think it’s like going into a super-boring movie and then blaming yourself for falling asleep. It’s only natural that when people lose interest they give up. It’s our responsibility to create a place that caters to the students’ interests and passions such that they stay intrinsically motivated for the long run.

We have almost as many citizenships as we have employees at the company. This helps us think outside the box about cultural mores and product needs. Also, it makes eating out together way more fun.

How We Work Together

We care about everybody having a voice; that’s why although we debate vigorously, it’s a core company value to listen to alternative points of view. That way, the best ideas get chosen on their merit. Camaraderie is very important to us. We win or lose as a team and that means that when somebody’s particular project is harder than expected, we all lend a shoulder to achieve our common goals.

Meet the Team

Adam Gries
Founder and CEO

Yoav Pasovsky

Michiaki Fukui
Art Director

Max Fridman
Data Science and QA