Michiaki Fukui,
Art Director


Startup Members are Competitive Athletes

Athletes need strong foundations to perform at a world class level. That’s why we give every member top-of-the-line hardware of their choice (standing desks included), stock our fridge with healthy food, hold free daily company lunches spent getting to know one another, and offer free movie tickets for people to go out together and relax. Additionally, every employee gets a monthly healthy activity stipend which they can use for anything from yoga to tennis clubs and more.

Michiaki’s Drive

After graduation, I spent a long time in the video game industry. I studied 3D modeling, strategies to attract video game fans and created user interfaces for top iOS games. It’s amazing how useful these skills can be to help people learn.

English offers users a new world. I want to share the joy of learning with them.”Michiaki

What Michiaki Does

Michiaki defines OKpanda’s visual design and style, from avatars, iconography, to user interface design. Trained at one of the best art schools in Japan, Michiaki combines rich classical training and exhibition experience with the cutting edge of digital design. Adding a unique English learner perspective, Michiaki is a core user of our products and a robust contributor to key product work.

“In 2011, I wanted to improve my English so I could work anywhere and widen my perspective. Seeking the most inspiring place to do so, I moved to New York.”Michiaki

Meet The Team

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CEO and founder

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