Max Fridman, Data Science and QA


From Studying to Learning

While studying at NYU Max got a summer internship with OKpanda. Max loved it and continued interning even once the summer was over. Now, he has graduated and is working at OKpanda. He says he learns more every day at work than he ever did in college.

Max’s Focus

Being a jack-of-all-trades, Max is responsible for quality assurance of all our products, finding useful answers in piles of data, managing operations, annoying our engineers, and helping shape the product.

“Technology is underutilized when it comes to language learning, we can make a big difference there and impact the lives of millions.”Max

Constant Improvement

Max is passionate about creating something from nothing: developing the tools and systems to bring creative ideas to life, gathering data to analyze potential weakness in those systems, and then turning those weaknesses into success.

“Regardless of the circumstances, I was determined to always learn. Now I’m determined to help others learn too.”Max

Meet The Team

Adam Gries
CEO and founder

Yoav Pasovsky

Michiaki Fukui
Art director