Adam Gries, CEO


What Keeps Adam Busy

Adam leads product, strategy, bizdev, and growth hacking. While his background is in growth hacking and software engineering, Adam also loves operations. Adam founded and sold three companies prior to OKpanda, the most recent of which built games and apps reaching over 70 million users on Facebook and iOS.

Personal History

Growing up in a non-English-speaking country, Adam personally experienced the incredible opportunities English can provide.

“I started OKpanda to help people self-actualize. If we do our job right, millions will unlock major life opportunities.”Adam

Having Laughs

Our goal is to build the kind of environment where great performance goes hand in hand with lighthearted fun. We work in a collaborative and open setting and have spirited, exciting conversations about anything and everything, particularly about things that can help us make the best damn English learning experience out there.

“For learners, not giving up is half the battle. By coaching and providing ubiquitous learning opportunities, we help users keep going until they achieve their goals.”Adam

Meet The Team

Yoav Pasovsky

Michiaki Fukui
Art director

Max Fridman
Quality Assurance