Finally, an online English school that delivers clear ROI

We personalize content and apply machine learning to deliver precise, adaptive teaching per student


OKpanda’s key features

  • Personalization = zero wasted time

    the fastest way to improve English skills

  • 24/7 view of progress and ROI

    via digitally collected performance data

  • Lessons and practice are connected

    delivering powerful reinforcement

  • Customized content

    delivers fast, relevant impact

  • Data-driven teacher tools

    guarantee consistent, high quality coaching

  • Convenient, gamified practice

    raises participation and motivation

“I’ve been using OKpanda for 4 months and my TOEIC score increased by 150 points! I really appreciate this app!!”
-M. Kimura

“I was waiting for an app like this! I’m not afraid of foreign customers anymore. I was named sales MVP and promoted!”
-K. Oyama

“I was surprised I could take brick and mortar quality lessons online. At the beginning I hated listening exercises because they were hard but now that’s what I’m strongest at!”
-R. Ito

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Common problems we resolve

Low Email Quality

Poorly written emails cause delays, misunderstandings

Unclear Documentation

Documentation is not clear and concise

Weak Communication

Clunky / inaccurate communication causes lost business opportunities

Blocked Career Progress

Communication gaps block key members from taking management roles

Difficulty Listening and Speaking on Calls

Lacking listening and speaking skills cause downstream problems

Presentations are a Challenge

Presentations take a long time to prepare; are not well delivered, fitting for the purpose

Reading Comprehension Gaps

Slower problem solving and learning

Limited Participation in Meetings

Lacking, imprecise communication causes confusion and limits value creation

Our Integrated Communication coaching system is a task-based method developed by experts from the best universities